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Jakarta cam chat SubmissionsSubmissionsBewildering Stories has the simplest submissions guideline on the Internet Please send us something well be glad to consider it. If we have questions well ask.To send a submission or other mail please refer to the Contact page.The rest of the Submissions page is a reference work. We link to parts of it as needed to keep correspondence simple. We also have a concise summary of the 12 most frequent problems found in submissions and our recommended remedies The Review Readers Checklist.Important remindersThis page is long because it compiles years of experience. Various topics in the Page Index may be of interest but the page as a whole is intended primarily as a reference work. Perhaps four people have actually read the whole thing all the way through. They deserve a medal of some sort. And by all accounts theyve never been quite the same since...Page IndexGeneral infoWhat We DoBewildering Stories is a weekly Internet webzine or ezine devoted to speculative and experimental writing as well as mainstream literature. All genres are welcome in both fiction and nonfiction. We publish novels novellas short stories poetry drama articles essays reviews graphic art and music. Bewildering Stories does not have a print edition.Were not just an electronic magazine were a meeting place and at ti

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